Abdullah Memon

Program: Business Technology Management (BTM)

Email: abdullah.memon@ryerson.ca

Instagram: @abdullahmemon

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/abdullahmemon

I chose the BTM program at TRSM over another leading business school simply because we have the advantage of a well-recognized co-op program. With that said, I really wanted to get into the co-op program and I did all the research I could about the program. I spoke with upper year co-op students to get a better understanding of what the co-op program entails and how I can increase my chances of getting in. At the end of the day, it was not bad at all - I felt like I got through with ease!

Because I've only just completed my first work term at Manulife Real Estate's marketing team, I don't have other terms to compare to. But this term has exceeded my expectations by 10x. Because I've been interested in the digital side of marketing, my managers actually modified my role and gave me the opportunity to lead new digital initiatives at the company, including implementing a marketing automation platform, the development of an augmented reality app, and coordinating with multiple digital agencies to roll out campaigns across Canada & US. I could have imagined getting near as much exposure as I got throughout my four months

My first co-op term was my first real corporate job, Having regular meetings with senior management, being forced to prioritize projects, and constantly communicating with internal and external stakeholders has definitely developed me professionally to grow further in my next work terms, in school, and also down the road after graduating. One piece of advice I can give to a new co-op would be to express yourself. Talk about what you enjoy and what your academic and professional goals are - you'll be surprised how much managers are willing to help and mentor you to ensure you have a rewarding experience.

Co-op Placements:

  1. Manulife - Marketing Coordinator, Real Estate

  2. Deloitte - Business Technology Analyst