Ali Abbas Rawji

Program: Business Technology Management (BTM)



From the first day of school, I was adamant on pursuing the co-op route. I spent first and second year focused on maintaining a high GPA, attending networking events and joining organizations that would help me achieve this goal. Although I was nervous when co-op interviews came around, I was confident that my experiences would set me up for success. Ultimately, my persistence and hard work paid off

My first co-op term was at CIBC in the Process Engineering department, and it was definitely the most enjoyable. Since most of my coworkers were industrial engineers from the “other” school in Toronto, there was definitely a bit of playful rivalry in the office. The highlight of my term was when we received funding to redesign the process I had been working on for months. Knowing that you are making an impact in the organization is an awesome feeling.

I would definitely recommend Ryerson co-op to all students. It has been a great learning experience, and it is cool seeing what you learn in class being applied in industry.

My advice: take classes and join clubs that allow you to learn different things, and improve yourself both personally and professionally. University is the time where you can explore and make mistakes, so definitely make the most of it.

Co-op Placements:

  1. CIBC - Analyst, Process Engineering

  2. CGI - Project Control Officer