Asad Hasnain

Current Workplace: PwC Canada


It all started when I heard back from the co-op office for successfully being enrolled into the co-op program. At first I was thrilled and overwhelmed, but then I began to think about the cost associated to the program, and how I was going to stay in school for another year (5 years rather than 4). But I took a leap of faith and decided to start my coop journey.

My first co-op term was extremely difficult to find. I remember applying to countless positions and networking as much as possible. I was so discouraged and my resume wasn’t any help, as I had no prior experience. I reached out to my mentor from RUCSA, and he ensured me that all first co-op terms are the same and supported me throughout the process. And then it happened, I received an offer from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) as a Business and Policy Analyst. I worked on the Road User Safety Modernization (RUSMOD) project, the largest one being implemented in North America in terms of divers and vehicles. In this project, I collaborated with IBM associates to update MTOs legacy system with a Siebel solution. Based on my leadership skills and the quality of work produced, I was quickly assigned with many tasks such as leading working group sessions with SMEs to analyze and validate Business Rules (BRs) and Business System Requirements (BSRs), lead on reports, reviewed and proposed changes to the project blueprint, and many more tasks. As my first work-term this proved to provide me with significant amount of exposure and experience, and I decided to extend my contract with them for my second work term.

For my third work term, I worked at The Hospital For Sick Children (SickKids) as a Project Analyst on replacing the legacy Admit, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) and Scheduling system. This project was the largest one the hospital had undertaken, affecting all departments. The best part of working here was knowing that even though I am not directly helping the patients, like a doctor or a nurse, I am helping the hospital function in a seamless process which in return made me appreciate my work.

In my last two work-terms I worked at Nurun Toronto, A Publicis Worldwide Company as a User Experience Architect/Business Analyst. Nurun is a digital consulting firm that offers creative solutions to their clients. In this work-term, I was working on many projects at the same time, ensuring all the deliverables were met. From being the lead Business Analyst on four projects to creating wireframes, this definitely was a great experience.

[Such great experiences, such great opportunities, such great skill development, would have not been possible without the co-op program Ryerson University offers.]

From having no experience on my resume, to now having worked in some of the best organizations has put me in a good place for finding a full-time position. There is only one way you can determine what you want to do for the rest of your life, by experiencing it, and co-op allows you to do just that.

[When I look back at my co-op journey, I am happy that I took that leap of faith because it has supported me in my personal and professional development.]