Brenda Gonzales

Program: Law and Business



Getting into the co-op program was a positive experience because it felt like i was being selected for a job opportunity already, but for the same reason it was nerve wrecking. To prepare for the interview, I asked some friends to practice on mock interviews with me. In that way I practiced maintaining professionalism while being excited and nervous

So far, I have only completed one co-op term but I really enjoyed it. Even though it was a short work term (4 months), I had the opportunity to work with incredible and inspiring people who were more than willing to share their experiences with me and teach me new things. Besides increased process efficiency, one of the biggest achievements I've obtained from this co-op position was an offer for a 8 month co-op position in Hydro One's head office. The position will be directly related to my major (Law and Business) and my minor (Ethics)

Ryerson co-op has made an incredible positive difference during my professional development. I would most definitely recommend any Ryerson student to enroll in their respective co-op program if possible. My advice to a new co-op would be to be realistic about their goals and first work terms.

Co-op Placements:

  1. Hydro One - Administrative Assistant