Daniel Grosman

Current Workplace: Ernst & Young

Title: Staff Consultant

Role: IT Advisory

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/danielgrosman

During my time as a BTM Co-op student, I had the opportunity to work in some great roles with three amazing companies. In my first work term, I was fortunate enough to get a placement at Interac Association. This was an especially fulfilling role for me. During my time there, the company was transitioning over to a new BI (Business Intelligence) system and invested in sending me to IBM to train on it so I could take a lead role in the initiative and the training of other employees. To have that much responsibility, and to be able to provide value of that level in my first work term, was something that I am very grateful for and I believe it definitely helped prepare me for my future work terms and into my full time career. I completed a 4-month term at Canadian Tire shortly after that, working in the data integrity and information management team. At CT, I was trusted with free range to come up with creative solutions and to provide my input on critical issues. The work we did during that time resulted in the implementation of some best practices that the data security teams are still using today. During my final 8-month work term, I worked in a Project Management role in the Investments division at Manulife Financial. Manulife was an eye-opening experience for me because it gave me real insight into the world of Project Management, which was ultimately what drove me to pursue a career in IT Advisory consulting. The idea of doing project-based work, which is constantly changing and requires a diverse skillset, is something that I became passionate about after being exposed to it for the first time with Manulife.

Currently, I’m working as a consultant in the IT Advisory practice at Ernst & Young. I’ve been here for just over a year now and have worked on two large-scale IT programs with some of the biggest players in Canadian Banking. On both projects, I have worked primarily in a project management capacity and have enjoyed every minute of it.

[Having the confidence and the ability to go out every day and help clients improve efficiencies and change the way that they operate is something that I fully credit to Ryerson and the Co-op Program.]

Positions Held:

  • Interac Association

  • Canadian Tire

  • Manulife Financials

  • Ernst & Young (Post graduation- Full Time)