Ifrah Arif

Program: Business Technology Management (BTM)

Email: ifrah.arif@ryerson.ca

LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/ifraharif

The co-op process was very smooth - the requirements were clear and simple; work hard, know the requirements and you'll have no problem getting in. The business career hub offered a lot of help with building my resume and cover letter in preparation for the co-op application process. Once I was accepted, knowing that I would be able to graduate with 20 months of experience was the greatest feeling ever.

Manulife was my most enjoyable co-op term. This was the term where I was able to apply in-class knowledge from multiple classes to the real world. I was also always treated as a full-time employee, not just another co-op who would leave after 4 months. I was able to grasp a greater understanding of how databases are made and implemented and how large programs and projects are lead. I truly enjoyed the work that I was given and was able to find a few great mentors throughout my term!

The co-op program allowed me to apply a lot of my in-class knowledge to real world experiences, and come back with a greater sense of understanding for the content taught to me. I would recommend my program to anyone who's interested in learning about how the world of technology and the world of business collide. The BTM program is such a great representation of where the world is headed in terms of technology and will equip any student with the right skills to succeed in the tech savvy business world. As a new co-op, I advise that you stay connected to school through student groups or mentorship programs while on your co-op term and during your academic terms. Staying involved in extracurricular activities is a great way to gain more experience in leadership and teamwork roles and to become a well-rounded individual.

Co-op Placements:

  1. Toronto Hydro - Technical Student

  2. Manulife Financial - Project Coordinator