Kamil Siddiqui

Program: Business Technology Management (BTM)

Email: kamilsiddiqui10@gmail.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kamilsiddiqui

My co-op journey began during the application process for my first co-op term. I applied and applied until my fingers became numb. My application count for term was 200 and counting. Stressed, desperate and demotivated, I almost quit on the program. I was advised during a BTM co-op information session that the first term is usually the most difficult, but initially I didn’t let that phase me. It came to a point where all of my friends had landed co-op jobs with very reputable organizations and here I was looking at myself ashamed, and demotivated.

My last option was to do another on campus job, where I ended up working for Ryerson’s Computing and Communication Services (CCS) department as a Content Management editor for the summer instead. This turned out to be a great opportunity for me, the things I learned on the job were extremely relevant to what I was studying, and the co-op office also considered this as a co-op placement for me as it met all of the requirements. Things were starting to look up for me. I eventually got interviews pouring in for fall term. During my summer of failed applications and interviews, I had invested significant hours perfecting my resume. Interviews from majority of the places I applied to were calling me back and I knew I had it perfected, now it was time to secure a placement for fall. Job postings for fall were very minimal as summer hiring just concluded, so I had to apply externally and find my own postings. I applied to organizations that I knew I wouldn’t have a chance or to jobs that I barely met the requirements for.

Lo and behold I received an interview from one of the most prestigious organization to work for as a co-op, Deloitte Consulting. I was flabbergasted at the email, I thought it had to be a mistake, “There’s no way I could have landed an interview, it must be an HR mistake” I thought to myself. A couple of days later I find myself walking out of that interview room, confident that I didn’t woo my interviewers, but humbled at the opportunity. I hadn’t received any word as to my applications status for about 2 weeks and at this point I had other interviews lined up. I interviewed at several financial institutions during my wait. Finally on a Thursday afternoon, I receive a voicemail from Deloitte’s Talent team advising me to call them back ASAP; I ran outside my office to the streets and called the Talent team at Deloitte. My heart pounding and my mind is going crazy. The representative begins with thanking me for coming out to the interview, and explaining how competition was very tough this year and the tone of the conversation was sounding more and more gloomy, she ends the conversation by saying “With that being said, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to work with us at Deloitte for the Fall term”,

[My heart skipped several beats, and It didn’t register with me at first, but I made it.]

The moral of my experiences is to never become demotivated for any circumstance, as things will always look up, sooner or later.

I have now completed 8 months of co-op at Deloitte, being staffed on 2 of the largest insurance projects in North America. During my first 4 months at Deloitte I did a lot of Testing Work and during my second term at Deloitte I was involved in Document Generation becoming a specialist on a very unique software. Deloitte has given me a substantial opportunity to grow and has also significantly developed me into a stronger and more confident individual. I cannot thank the firm enough for providing me with the opportunity.

Companies worked in:

  • Ryerson CCS

  • Deloitte Canada – Business Technology Analyst