Ken D. Sequeira

Program: Business Technology Management (BTM)



It was an exhilarating feeling. I prepared for this by establishing in first year that I will apply to the co-op program. To accomplish this, I needed a certain CGPA and some work or volunteer experience. To obtain that certain CGPA I knew I needed to study for a certain hours per week so my calendars were adjusted to make this happen. Finally as for work experience, I made sure I kept my part-time job and the relevant skills and keywords were conveyed on my resume.

All my co-op terms provided high value to both my personal and professional development. One work placement in particular with PowerStream Inc. had me looking back with high esteem. There at PowerStream, I was part of the company's Process Improvement team as a process analyst where I played a key role in re-engineering the company's recruitment and termination processes in anticipation of the company merger and need for process automation. Fish bone diagrams, stakeholder meetings, gap analysis, and countless process maps. It was BTM heaven.

Furthermore, I did side projects where I developed an MS Excel spreadsheet that provided analytical input for a project my boss' boss was involved in. Another side project involved writing content and creating the department's first SharePoint site where I got to use my HTML5 skills. Finally, my most enjoyable part of the co-op term was my involvement with the company's public speaking club, PowerSpeech. There I played improv games and performed speech evaluations. It felt amazing sharing laughter and a mutual interest for the art of speech-craft with my co-workers. Finally, the incredible team dynamics at PowerStream served as a reminder that a sense of connectedness with your team and doing good work are much more fulfilling to focus on than how much you make.

The co-op office was effective at creating a sense of urgency in me to apply to jobs, and also visiting me during my co-op terms asking about how everything is going. I recall Noha spilling the reality about the competition for these co-op jobs. After this, motivation to apply to jobs became less of an uphill battle. As for advice for new co-op students, I recommend connecting with senior co-op students and get them talking. Really listen as useful details may benefit you in unexpected ways. Finally, your marketability is important. You have skills and qualities desirable to an employer and may not even know it. Schedule an appointment with your co-op coordinator or career consultant and get those resumes and interviews skills refined. In essence, work on your marketability and connect with senior co-op students.

Co-op Placements:

  1. Treasury Board Secretariat - Business Systems Analyst

  2. PowerStream - Process Analysis

  3. Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care - QA Analyst