Rhyan Mahazudin

Program: Business Technology Management (BTM)

Email: rhyan.mahazudin@ryerson.ca

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rhyanam

Maintaining the minimum grades required was more than reasonable. The interview process was fun and it was a great opportunity to meet the Ryerson co-op team. I believe that the guidelines were clear enough that I never felt any anxiety about the decisions from the co-op department

I'm currently in my first work term and it's a blast. The people on my team are really open and have complimentary personalities to my own. The most surprising part of my co-op experience was the degree to which I'm treated like a full time employee. My team trusts me to take the lead on major projects and handle all communications with other teams, which usually consist of senior management and executives. I'm currently working on a major system transformation and creating a brand new report to meet changing regulations on marginalized clients. I've really learned how to manage my time, co-ordinate with multiple teams, build relationships and work under pressure

I joined this program because of the co-op opportunities and it has yet to disappoint me. If anything, I'm shocked at how incredible my experience has been so far. I would genuinely recommend my program to anyone interested in technology and business, because if you work hard you will be almost guaranteed to find a job.

For all you new co-ops out there, I would keep an open mind about job postings and make sure to develop your network. Don't be scared to apply to something you think you might not be prepared for, but be ready to buckle down and learn. The systems/processes/operational tasks you learn will more or less not carry over, but the people you meet and the soft skills you develop are what will allow you to enter the work force ahead of the game.

Co-op Placements:

  1. Manulife – BSA