Shelly Korin

Program: Accounting & Finance



This past summer, I worked as a co-op student in the Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) department at PowerStream Inc. The CDM department designs and promotes programs that encourage energy efficiency among PowerStream customers. I was a part of the Planning team and my main two roles were working with the CDM Planner, and the CDM Financial Analyst.

With the CDM Planner, I was able to experience the process of designing a CDM program. [I researched and analyzed energy efficient technology and market trends, edited business cases and participated in meetings. With the Financial Analyst, I monitored invoice statuses, created invoice templates, and prepared a financial data tracker that enabled the invoicing process to be analyzed.]

My favourite part of my co-op term was that I learned something new every day. Through working, my Microsoft Office skills, communication skills, and work ethic have improved. Moreover, I have gained exposure outside my field of study which was a unique experience. Overall, learning about my co-workers, the company and its culture was fun and invaluable to my path towards a professional career.

Companies worked In:

  • PowerStream Inc.