Shirley Hui

Current Workplace: CPP Investment Board

Title: Analyst

Role: Data Management


My name is Shirley Hui, Business Technology Management Co-op program graduate, and also the ex- president of RUCSA (2014/2015).

My number one priority in school was getting into co-op. I knew the market was tough and the best way to secure a job after graduation was to get connections. Being a transfer student, I went straight to the Academic Advisor to ensure that I could meet all the requirements to get into co-op. As soon as I got in, I took advantage of a majority of sessions that the co-op office provided.

For the first work-term, I applied to approximately 80 positions. My first choice was the Data Analyst position at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB). Fortunately, I connected with my managers during the interview and left a strong impression on them. I was there for 8 months (2 work-terms) and networked with many people there. I was eager to learn from all of their experiences. Although I was in the Finance department, the courses I took prepared me for my role.

[Co-op allowed me to apply what I learned and it even made my future courses easier.]

My manager hired many co-ops from the past and enjoys hiring Ryerson students because we have the foundation needed for that role. I was given many opportunities there: created a business plan, had a mini project in which I had to present to my whole team, improved daily processes, helped with the organization of fundraisers, and trained a full-time employee.

With all the experience I gained at CPPIB, I was able to transfer some of that knowledge to my next role, which was Project Coordinator at Manulife. Being a Project Coordinator exposed me to many business units. I was involved in a program where I had to communicate to Real Estate, Information Technology, Communications, and Human Resources department to consolidate their project plans. This was another great experience and it was really different compared to the one I had at CPPIB.

During my study terms, I attended company information sessions. The advice that stuck out the most was the letter “T”. The horizontal line represents the breadth as we should explore and see what roles we enjoy and are passionate about before we move on to the vertical line. The vertical line represents the depth. The depth is when we focus on specializing. For that very reason, I wanted to take advantage of the co-op program and experience a more technical role. For my last two work-terms, I worked at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (Teachers’) as a Testing Analyst. Teachers’ had many competitions for co-ops, and my group won the case competition and our names are engraved on their trophy. This was also a memorable experience!

I am currently working at CPPIB as an Analyst and I truly appreciate all the opportunities I’ve been given because of Ryerson’s Co-op Program.

Companies worked in:

  • Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB)

  • Manulife

  • Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan