Taharka Gibb

Current Workplace: PwC LLP

Title: Associate, Consulting & Deals

Role: Management Consultant

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/taharkagibb

As a BTM co-op student I completed five work terms at four different organizations during my time at TRSM. I started my coop journey with the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in a Project Analyst role. In this role I assisted project teams in implementing different systems across the hospital. Specifically, I helped to train users on new systems and completed testing activities to ensure system readiness upon implementation. Working at SickKids was a fantastic opportunity and I improved my teamwork and project management skills immensely during the time I spent there.

Following the 8 months spent in project management, I decided to try consulting. I joined KPMG in their IT Advisory Management Consulting practice for my next coop term. The IT Advisory practice advises clients on strategic technology problems and solutions for their organizations. While at KPMG I learned to complete ambiguous tasks under tight time constraints and I was taught to focus on and enhance my quality of work.

Based on my positive experience at KPMG it was clear to me that I was drawn to consulting for many reasons: the fast paced environment, the ability to continuously interact with new clients, working with smart teammates, and the overall prestige of the profession. I decided to expand my consulting experience and try another firm, Deloitte. Deloitte was a very different experience from KPMG but provided me with an opportunity to build much of the same skills I had begun to hone at KPMG.

Finally, for my last coop term I decided to try consulting yet again at another firm. I was fortunate to be hired by IBM’s Global Business Services group. By this time I understood the consulting industry fairly well and I excelled during my time there. Upon finishing that term I knew that consulting was the career path I would embark upon when I soon graduated.

Fast forward two years after I finished that final term at IBM and I’m now an Associate at PwC in their Consulting & Deals line of service.

[I still enjoy the field and when I think back on my undergraduate experience at the Ted Rogers School of Management it still rings true to me that the best decision I made was to apply to the coop program.]

The program enabled me to develop a strong network of colleagues and friends that are all doing very well today in their respective fields. I am a strong advocate for coop programs across many schools as I do believe the Ryerson program had a fundamental impact on my life and where I am today.