Our Team

Meet Our Team

The RUCSA team is comprised of students who not only have backgrounds in information technology, engineering, and business, but are also well equipped with student leadership experience. As a committee, we hope to deliver quality and excellence with the platform of events we have set up for the 2016-2017 school year.



Daniel Bansgopaul

Daniel is a 4th year Accounting & Finance co-op student on route towards the CPA designation. He initially joined RUCSA to seek advice from senior co-op students. He now leads the RUCSA team to gain leadership experience and uses his role as a platform to share his story with others. Daniel is passionate about student development and wants to see others succeed.

Executive Vice President

Zain Ahmed

Zain is a 3rd year Business Management Co-op student and this is his second year with RUCSA. He is currently completing an eight month co-op term as Real Property Officer at the Government of Canada. Zain joined RUCSA in order to play a part in the growing co-op program at Ted Rogers School of Management, and is amazed by the rapid growth of the program. Zain loves his Toronto Maple Leafs.

Marketing Team

VP of Marketing


Nitin is currently a 4th year Business Technology Management student. He aspires to fulfill his goal of being a IT Consultant upon graduation. He also intends to travel all over the world. Eventually, he wants to open his own business and become his own boss. His interests include; marketing, keeping up with the newest technology craze, playing sports, laser tag, and spending time with his friends and family.

Director of Marketing

Muqueet Ashfaq

Muqeet is currently a third year Business Management student majoring in Marketing and minoring in Law & Business. His goal is to become a social entrepreneur in order to tackle various issues around the world. During his spare time Muqeet enjoys playing sports, reading books and traveling.

Director of IT

Imtiaz Rahman

Imtiaz is in his final year of the Business Technology Management student (co-op). His most recent co-op placement was at CIBC where he worked as an IT Security analyst and is now pursing a career in the IT Security field. His interests include technology, entrapreneurship and consulting. During his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, travelling, and keeping upto date with the latest technology.

Vice President of Outreach

Joanna Derynck

Joanna is a 2nd year student in the Biomedical Sciences program. She plans to participate in the co-op program and work on research in the field of Neurology. After obtaining her BSc she plans to continue her education and obtain a professional degree in the medical sciences. During her free time Joanna likes to surf, dance and meet new people.

Director of Marketing

Nikki Malunas

Nikki is a 3rd year student in the Accounting and Finance Co-op Program, pursuing a major in Accounting. After obtaining her CPA designation, she hopes to combine her passion for positive change with her business intelligence and pursue a career in the non-profit sector. During her spare time, Nikki likes to read, sing, spend time with family and friends, and try new experiences.

Director of Outreach

Eileen Mendoza

Eileen is currently a 5th year Chemical Engineering student, with co-op experience in the Canadian Oil&Gas Industry. She aspires to become a technical expert in carbon sequestration in the field. In her spare time, she likes engaging in physical activities, including yoga, running, and Olympic weight lifting, and hiking and climbing.

Director of Media

Saqib Ajaz

Saqib Ajaz is a fourth year student at Ryerson University majoring in Economics and Management Science. He aspires to work in the financial industry and start up his own firm one day. He also enjoys travelling, playing soccer and creating short films in his free time.

Creative Director

Andy Tran

Andy is a 3rd year Business Management student majoring in Law & Business. He is passionate in film, art direction, and intellectual property law (he is also aware that one of those things are not like the others). In the future, Andy hopes to use his law expertise in the entertainment industry. In his spare time, he enjoys eating at new restaurants, practicing film photography, and reading novels.

Events Team

VP of Events & Logistics

Khadija Butt

Khadija is a 3rd year student in the Business Management program, pursuing a major in Law and Business. After her undergraduate career, she hopes to complete her Masters and promote positive change within underprivileged communities. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing volleyball, and trying new foods.


Abdullah Waqar

Abdullah is a 3rd year Accounting and Finance co-op student. He has completed two work-terms at Bell Business Markets as a project manager and financial analyst and further looking to complete his CPA designation upon graduation. In his spare time, Abdullah enjoys watching movies and you can catch him at the gym lifting some weights.

Director of Events & Logistics

Jenna Mazza-Anthony

Jenna is a fourth year Retail Management Co-op student. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, she hopes to pursue a Masters in Fashion Merchandising. Jenna has an affinity for e-commerce, fashion, merchandising and dynamic marketing strategies. In her spare time, her diverse interests include exploring several genres of music, studying fashion merchandising, biking, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Director of Events & Logistics

Catherine Ku

Catherine is a third year Business Management Co-op student, with a major in Human Resources Management and Organization Behaviour. She is working towards achieving her CHRP designation, with the goal to continue working in training and development. In her spare time, she enjoys reading her favourite novels!

Corporate Relations Team

VP of Corporate Relations

Mustafa Jamal

RUCSA helped me realize my passion for corporate relations and strategy development. My position allowed to envision partnerships, conduct outreach to companies and execute successful sponsorships. Not only has RUCSA been the highlight of my extracurricular success but it has also set me apart from the competition in my proffesional career. Heading the corporate department has helped me vastly grow my personal network as well. Working in a dynamic team like RUCSA has further enhanced my communication and collaborative skills.

Director of Corporate Relations

Ejaz Aman

Ejaz is a 4th year Business Technology Management co-op student with interests and career aspirations in Management Consulting, Project Management, and Data Analytics. Through co-op, he has gained experience working within organizations such as: CGI, Manulife, and IBM. In his spare time, Ejaz enjoys traveling, hiking, and watching soccer.

Director of Corporate Relations

Lili Cao

Lili is entering her second year of study in the Business Management Program, majoring in Law & Business. In pursuit of becoming an accredited lawyer, she strives to be a leader and challenge ethical issues within society and in business. As a seeker for adventure, she hopes to explore the depths of the world and uncover the ambiguities that exist.

Finance Team

Vp of Finance

Brandon Shim

Brandon is a 3rd year Accounting Co-op major in the Accounting and Finance program, and has completed a co-op term with CIBC Finance. He is working toward obtaining a CPA designation and is interesting in working in public accounting. His hobbies include fitness, music, sports, and video games.

Director of Finance

Kittie Dong

Kittie is a 3rd year Accounting and Finance student pursuing a major in Accounting and her CPA designation upon graduation. As a self-motivated and driven individual, Kittie aspires for a professional career in the Accounting industry and is always open to new opportunities and learning experiences. Beyond her academic studies, Kittie has a sweet tooth and loves to try out the latest food trends.

Director of Finance

Steven Chow

Steven is a 3rd year Accounting & Finance student, majoring in Accounting. He is passionate about people, and continuously learning how to improve his relationship-building skills. After graduation, he intends on pursuing his CPA designation. During his spare time, Steven enjoys listening to music, watching his favourite shows, playing sports, and travelling.



Yutika Shahani

Yutika is a 2nd year student in the Business Management Program, pursuing a major in Global Management Studies and a minor in Finance. One of her goals is to experience various facets of business by traveling the world and learning how culture can shape business practices. Yutika is passionate about foreign languages and aspires to learn French in the near future. Some of her hobbies include reading, listening to music, and spending time with family.


Dhwani Shah

She is currently attending 2nd year at Ryerson university, majoring in Biomedical Sciences. Her interests include reading, watching movies, listening to music, dancing and playing a variety of sports. She wants to pursue her career in the medical field to help individuals facing medical problems both, physically and psychologically.


Gursheen Cheema

Gursheen is a 2nd year student in the Business Management program. She is passionate about the arts, physical activity, and lifelong learning. In her free time, she loves learning new languages, going for hikes, and dancing.


Davinder Jangi

Raghed is a third year student in the Occupational Health & Safety program. He enjoys getting involved in community service activities and initiatives. His goal in life is to be a successful Health and Safety professional, whose influence is to build a strong safety culture for a better tomorrow. He also loves being up to date with the latest interior design trends in the market.


Milica Krakovic

Milica is a 2nd year Economics and Management Science student. Her curiosity for wanting to know how the world works has motivated her to explore and learn more about what influences our economy. RUSCA allows her to further her career development within a school community while helping her strengthen her interpersonal skills. Aside from business, she enjoys travelling, exploring new places and being outdoors.

Advisory Council

Senior Advisor

Ryan Ing

Ryan is a 5th year Business Technology Management student (co-op). Ryan has been a part of RUCSA for over four years and enjoys collaborating with other co-op students to help them reach their dream jobs. For a career profile, check out his LinkedIn. He created a video about how he landed his dream internship at IBM - do check it out!

Senior Advisor

Ifrah Arif

Ifrah is a 5th year Business Technology Management co-op student with interests and career aspirations in project management, data analytics, and data visualization. Through co-op, she has gained experience working with organizations such as: Toronto Hydro, Manulife Financial, CIBC and RBC. Ifrah loves to travel and is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan!