Our Team

Meet Our Team

The RUCSA team is comprised of students who not only have backgrounds in information technology, engineering, and business, but are also well equipped with student leadership experience. As a committee, we hope to deliver quality and excellence with the platform of events we have set up for the 2016-2017 school year.



Ryan Seto

Ryan is entering his final year as an undergraduate student, studying Business Technology Management (Co-op) at Ryerson University. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and positive change, which fuels his outlook on life, providing a mindset to continually strive for self-fulfillment, along with the fortitude to take risks in both his personal and professional endeavors. During his spare time, Ryan enjoys partaking in physical exercise and reading.

Executive Vice President

Ifrah Arif

Ifrah is a 4th year Business Technology Management co-op student with interests and career aspirations in project management and IT security. Through co-op, she has gained experience working with organizations such as: Toronto Hydro and Manulife Financial. Ifrah enjoys travelling and keeping up with the latest technology advancements. She is also a big Dallas Cowboys fan (Go Team!).

Marketing Team

VP of Marketing

Kamil Siddiqui

Kamil is a 5th year Business Technology Management student, with almost 2 years of co-op experience working for organizations such as CGI and Deloitte. His interests include graphic design, technology consulting and marketing. During his spare time, he enjoys playing pick-up basketball and following up with the latest technology craze!

Director of Marketing

Nitin Mathew

Nitin is currently a 3rd year Business Management student majoring in Global Management Studies. His goals in life are to travel to as many places as possible and to eventually open up a non-profit organization that helps give back to the community. Eventually, by making an impact through his actions, he hopes to inspire other to do the same. During Nitin's spare time he likes to play basketball, read novels, and paint.

Director of Marketing

Misha Bilal

Misha is a 2nd year Business Management student majoring in Marketing. She works to successfully marry her various creative abilities with her business professionalism. Misha enjoys spending long hours reading or frantically designing on Photoshop. Staying true to her entrepreneurial spirit, Misha aspires to one day create a non-profit organization that will give people an outlet to participate in humanitarian projects around the world.

Director of IT

Imtiaz Rahman

Imtiaz is a 4th year Business Technology Management student (co-op). His first two work terms were at Scotiabank in a Helpdesk and Desktop Support Analyst role. His interests include technology, online businesses, and consulting. During his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, travelling, and keeping upto date with the latest technology.

Director of Outreach - Engineering

Kostanca Tere

Kostanca is currently a 5th year Chemical Engineering student, with co-op experience in the pulp & paper, energy and mining industries. She aspires to become an entrepreneur in the energy sector, contributing to a greener environment. In her spare time, she likes to sing, travel, photograph new places and explore the great outdoors.

Director of Outreach - Science

Robinder Jangi

Rob is a 4th year biology student and enjoys helping science students get the most out of their Ryerson education. He is focused on improving the quality of science education and will be conducting his fourth year research thesis on this topic. As a researcher with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Rob cares deeply about our environment and its long-term protection.

Creative Director

Andy Tran

Andy is a 2nd year Business Management student majoring in Law and Business. He likes making aesthetically-pleasing things and would like to learn how to ride a skateboard. One of his goals in life is to travel to as many countries as possible. In his spare time he likes to eat, read, sleep, and search through various Wikipedia articles for grammar mistakes.

Events Team

VP of Events & Logistics

Brenda De Oliveira Gonzales

Brenda is currently a 3rd year co-op student in the Business Management program majoring in Law and Business, and minoring in Ethics and Communications. In efforts to diversify her portfolio, she has been involved with different student groups such as DECA (3rd place Invitationals, Accounting) and ENACTUS Ryerson (Director of Events). After completing her B.Comm, she intends to pursue a JD/MBA degree and finish her legal studies. During her spare time, she enjoys watching TV series and travelling.


Kittie Dong

Kittie is a highly motivated second year student in the Accounting & Finance program, pursuing a major in Accounting. She has great interest in the fields of banking and finance, as she aspires for a long-term career at a financial institution. As an outgoing, conscientious, and dedicated individual, she is actively involved in her community through volunteerism and organizational activities. During her leisure time, she enjoys cooking and jogging to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Director of Events & Logistics

Daniel Bangsgopaul

Daniel is a 3rd-year Accounting & Finance co-op student, returning to school from a year-long internship with IBM. Daniel enjoys engaging other students through extra-curricular activities. He is on a continuous mission to open the minds of others to try new things and to see different perspectives. When Daniel isn’t building his vocabulary in other languages, he’s debating others about American politics. He also enjoys dancing, spending time with family, and working out.

Director of Events & Logistics

Basmah Rizvi

Basmah is in her 5th and final year in the Business and Information Technology management program. Her goals in life include working at one of the prestigious big 4 companies after graduation, returning to school for an MBA and hopefully starting her own Fashion Blog one day! She hopes to gain a ton of experience working in various roles within the IT sector, so that she can further share her knowledge with students studying in colleges across the GTA. During her spare time Basmah likes to write in a personal journal and read novels.

Corporate Relations Team

VP of Corporate Relations

Mustafa Jamal

Mustafa is a 5th year Business Management student majoring in Business Law. He has a passion for Corporate Law and hopes to someday open up his own Law firm. Some of his interests are human psychology, world politics and current business events. He wants to better understand the world we all live in and help the less fortunate. Mustafa also enjoys working out, listening to music and exploring new places.

Director of Corporate Relations

Khadija Butt

Khadija is a second year Business Management student. She is majoring in law and business, and this is her first year with RUCSA. Khadija enjoys working with others and networking, in order to build her professional profile. Her hobbies include reading, biking, cooking new things, traveling, and watching movies.

Finance Team

Vp of Finance

Shelly Korin

Shelly is in her final year of the Accounting and Finance Co-op program, pursuing a major in Finance and minor in Economics. She is currently working in the Finance Department with the Government of Canada, having completed her previous co-op terms at PowerSteam and Royal Bank of Canada. Her goal is to pursue the CFA designation, as her passion lies in equity investments. In her free time she likes to read, cook and try new experiences.

Director of Finance

Dotun Adeseun

Dotun is a 5th year Business Technology Management student at Ryerson University. He has experience working in various roles in technology projects, and has served as a QA Analyst, Financial Project Control Officer, Business Analyst, and Business Systems Analyst during his co-op terms at CIBC, RBC and Manulife. In his spare time, Dotun is passionate about listening to good music, reading books & Financial blogs, and understanding & discussing investments in the Stock market.

Director of Finance

Zain Ahmed

Zain is a 2nd year Business Management student who is majoring in Law & Business and minoring in Finance. One of his goals is to obtain a CFA designation and hopes to eventually work in the field of Investment Banking. Zain has a strong interest in the stock market and follows the world of finance closely. In his spare time, Zain watches and play his favourite sports, reads books, and watches his favourite TV shows.

Administration & Associates

VP of Administration

Shawdi Fereidooni

Shawdi is entering her 5th year in the Business Technology Management program as a Co-op student. Having been involved in 5 co-op placements in many industries throughout the past 4 years, she hopes to be involved in aspects of project management and software development upon graduation, as well as travel the world. Outside of school, Shawdi enjoys going to the gym, spending time with family and friends, and watching Jeopardy!


Rezwana Faiza

Rezwana is currently a 3rd year Business Management student majoring in Global Management and minoring in Human Resources. In the future, she would like to travel, work internationally and learn all aspects of business from a global perspective. Rezwana also loves playing badminton, doing puzzles and exploring her city.


Nikki Malunas

Nikki is a 2nd year student in the Accounting and Finance program and is interested in pursuing a major in Accounting. After graduation, she hopes to travel around the world and obtain a CPA designation, working as an accountant in the non-profit sector. She is very excited to be a part of RUCSA for the first time as an Associate. Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends, listening to music, volunteering, and reading.


Raghed Saoor

Raghed is a third year student in the Occupational Health & Safety program. He enjoys getting involved in community service activities and initiatives. His goal in life is to be a successful Health and Safety professional, whose influence is to build a strong safety culture for a better tomorrow. He also loves being up to date with the latest interior design trends in the market.


Stanley Sik

Stanley Sik is a 1st year undergraduate student studying Business Management with interests in the majors of Marketing or Global Management. Stanley loves to network and meet new people. He has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and being active on his spare time when he is not busy with his extracurricular activities. His hobbies include trying out new dishes from different cultures, playing sports, and binge watching movies or television shows on Netflix.

Advisory Council


Ryan Ing

Ryan is a 4th year Business Technology Management student (co-op). His first two work terms were at Manulife in a Project Management role, and his third work term at Vivint in a Direct Sales role. Ryan has been a part of RUCSA for over three years and enjoys collaborating with other co-op students to help them reach their dream jobs. His hobbies include hip-hop, dance, poker, travel, video games, language learning, productivity, fashion, and film.